Welcome From The President

A Message From John Newberry

GALR is an association comprised of collateral recovery agencies, owners, employees, and businesses that service our industry. Our objective is to provide education to our members, lenders, law enforcement, and communities so that each county is consistent with how repossessions are handled. Through this effort Georgia recovery agencies will provide a critical pivoting point for our industry. We will establish with this association a level of
solidarity that will be unprecedented in our industry. We have assembled a board of hard working, dedicated, intelligent, forward thinking individuals that have worked tirelessly to bring this vision to fruition. This team of individuals along with myself share a strong desire
to help standardize this industry. This starts at the state level. Together we vow to all our members to continue the same enthusiasm to forge a solid foundation that will surely prove to be a great association with members that provide a sincere level of solidarity.

Our goals include:
 To develop a training and certification program for Recovery Agents managed by
 Educating law enforcement throughout the state on the current laws regarding
 Educating our clients of the requirements in the state of Georgia to conduct business
as a repossession agency.
 Educate Georgia recovery agencies on all legal aspects in which we operate to create
a standardization of operation.
 To provide an easy to use validation system for lenders when contracting member
agencies in Georgia.
 Implementing legislation to balance all the laws and policies in each of the counties
in Georgia to be universal statewide.
 Lobby to develop a license category on the state level specifically for repossession
agency business owners.

We invite everyone to join, your voice matters, and we need your support as a member to fulfill this grand vision to bring back the level of professionalism this industry deserves.
Please let me know if you have ideas you want to be heard or discussed.

John C Newberry
President- GALR