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Welcome To The Georgia Association Of Licensed Repossessors (GALR)



Teamwork makes a business run like a well-oiled machine, ultimately propelling it to greater success which is essential if sustainable growth is on the goal agenda and reflected in your company’s bigger picture. Unity is the glue that sticks the team together, not only increasing morale in the workplace but productivity and collaborated innovation too.


Our strong sense of integrity sets the foundation for our achievements. We go to great lengths to make sure we always meet or exceed ethical standards. It also ensures that the highest standards of quality and integrity inform our every action, throughout the Association.


The Association's Compliance  mission is to ensure GALR, its Board members, members and associates maintain compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable state and federal laws and contractual obligations and carries out its mission and values with a high degree of honesty and integrity.


The Georgia Association of Licensed Repossessors (GALR) is an organization comprised of collateral recovery agency owners/employees/industry vendors. Our goal is to educate our members, financial institutions, law enforcement, and communities with regard to business requirements and ordinances set forth by the cities and counties in the state of Georgia.

GALR Code Of Ethics

1. To embrace the essence of free enterprise all the while creating unification and solidarity.
2. To work closely with our local governments to educate all law enforcement agencies about
the collateral recovery industry.
3. To conduct business in a way to promote the professionalism of our industry.
4. To promote good will toward fellow members and the financial instuitions we serve.
5. To attend and participate in various functions where our members, vendors, financial
institutions, and law enforcement will be encouraged to participate.
6. To communicate and support one another, to provide commonality and consistency in various
industry related standards.
7. Never discriminate or interfere based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin.
8. To provide education for clients regarding proper and industry accepted standards for all
parties involved.


The purpose of the association is to strengthen understanding between recovery agency owners, law enforcement, financial institutions, regulatory agencies and the consumer. GALR will provide continuing educations to our members, financial institutions, and law enforcement officials. Education platforms will focus in the fields of professionalism, business principles, public relations and innovations in the industry.



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